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    MMS Offers Medical Billing Services

    Our leading medical billing company has revolutionized healthcare billing solutions by replacing outdated, error-prone practice management procedures with smart, electronic medical billing services and clinical billing and accounts management solutions for all specialties.

    The results? Fast reimbursements, accurate claim transmission, better patient care, and smooth cash flow while adhering to HIPAA-compliant patient claims billing principles. MMS’s medical billing management services make them the perfect ten for full billing services, including:

    Medical Billing Services

    Expert patient billers offer the most complete medical billing services that entail handling check-in/out, claims, payments, and denials for health care providers.

    Medical Coding Services

    Clinical coding officers translate patient services into ICD-10 and CPT codes and generate a clean “super-bill” for the biller to submit to the insurance payer.

    Credentialing Services

    Provider enrollment services by our credentialing specialists help healthcare providers join the network of desirable payors with maximum privileges.

    RCM Services

    Revenue cycle management services are specialty-specific, which means a physician’s bespoke demands are met by a dedicated medical biller.

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